I feel like I am making a cameo in Caddyshack

Moles, moles, moles. Poopy little suckers. Over the past few months we have found more and more ground upheaved from the likes of our neighborhood mole. I hope they do not just live in our yard! Not a fan of them, but we have not done anything about them. Mostly just pat down where they have burrowed through. For the most part they have stayed in our garden area and not torn up our lawn (knock on wood).

Sunday we spent some time doing work in our yard. We are taking out a section of weeding grass near our sidewalk and putting in rocks and plants. This way it hopefully looks nice from the curb and the weedy grass will not come back. It will also make it easier to keep clean when all the leaves start to come down this fall. After a long day in the sun, we went out to run some errands. When we returned home, we found just next to our grass a brand new mole excavation. Less than 2 hours fresh. Wish I could have a sonar to try to find those little buggers.

Last night I spent some time researching how to get rid of them, with boring results. I started having flashbacks to my childhood watching Caddyshack. What contraption would I put together to hunt them down and remove them from my yard? I do not think I have the patience.

Anyone out there know a good way to get rid of moles?


2 thoughts on “I feel like I am making a cameo in Caddyshack

  1. Castor oil mixtures sprayed on your grass…however, not the nicest. Have a Heart makes safe traps, but then you need a place to relocate them. And if you can, find a organic way to get rid of the grubs. If they don’t have anything tasty to eat, they might go away. Good luck!


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