2 thoughts on “Are you a DINK? Or a DEWKs?

  1. This is a great lesson. While I have no kids either right now (or a spouse) and am finishing up my final semester at college I am nothing but grateful for the financial values my parents have taught me. I worked hard in high school and went to a public-state school where I got a full-ride scholarship and am relieved to be graduating debt free.
    I have plenty of friends who fall into the “parents paid for everything” category and were taught (or assume) that loans are just free money and working on an undergrad degree for 5 or 6 years isn’t a big deal. Now, of course, reality is setting in and they’re panicked.

    I can’t agree more that teaching kids to leave within their means and make good financial choices (which sometimes mean sacrificing or making the practical choice) is imperative, especially when jobs are harder to get and carrying lots of debt can sink you pretty fast.


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