gravatarGrowing up I was told that children were to be seen and not heard. In college, with a shaved head and some women’s studies classes, I finally found my voice and since then have not stopped talking. Grumpy in the morning, I must have a scorching hot shower, which somehow opens my mind and softens my mood. I do not leave home without my early morning green smoothie.

I am a Muji pen fanatic, journal hoarder, Orla Kiely handbag lover, local artisan jewelry fiend, and a recently addicted runner. I prefer my pajamas and flip flops to uncomfortable heels and a bra. Head over heels in love with my husband, and looking forward to expanding our family with a dog or a baby someday, we will see which comes first. If my hands are not in a bag of chips, I might be out running, reading a good book, or writing my next blog.

Feel free to submit your comments and feedback. Take a moment to follow randomolio. Thank you for visiting my blog.


(randomolio at hotmail dot com)

14 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Tami,
    I hope all is well! I enjoyed your post on Mulu. I am a part of the Mulu team and would love to give you more information about the site!
    I know a lot of your friends and family are on Pinterest, but we think there is something REALLY special about Mulu. You can choose- to earn money for the cause or earn money for yourself- and in this day and age, sometimes earning for your self means buying food, or books for your child to use for school. At the same time, the inspiration for the site is about creating a sustainable income for charities.
    Please drop me an email at leah@mulu.me.
    Look forward to connecting! 🙂
    Best, Leah


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  3. Hi Tami,

    Hope you are well! I love your blog just as much as all of your fans here! I am managing a start up company in River North Chicago called Industrious Office (www.industriousoffice.com). I get to work on the design elements and was wondering if you would be interested in writing about the space and design potential. Please email me when you can: danielle@industriousoffice.com

    Thanks so much,


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