Pinterest vs. Mulu

I just learned about a new website called: Mulu. It is basically Pinterest but supports charitable causes. Mulu’s tagline states: “Mulu is a social platform for sharing the things you love and finding the things you need. All while supporting fellow users and their causes.” So I am torn. I have become a bit addicted to Pinterest. I love sharing things that I love or mean a lot to me with others. I like telling friends and family (or anyone for that matter) about a great deal. So I like sharing good things with others. It looks like Mulu is still in Beta, but just like I do not need two different ‘Facebook’ like platforms, I do not need Pinterest and Mulu. I would rather be on a site that supports other causes, but the dilemma is if your friends/family are on one site, is it worth joining the other? Also, a Pinterest account requires that you have a Facebook or Twitter account or you cannot join. Mulu does not require a Facebook or Twitter account.

Here is a bit of press and background details about Mulu and Mulu vs. Pinterest.

An interesting part about Mulu (which I am still on the fence about) is that Mulu, the charity, and the poster receives a cut of the profit if someone purchases an item based on your boards. So you actually make money from sharing what you love. I am not sure if that would deter people, or make them more interested. Imagine if you made money for each person you friended on Facebook?

What do you think?

view of my Pinterest boards

One thought on “Pinterest vs. Mulu

  1. Hmmm….I love the concept of contributing to charity but not paying folks for purchases through their posts. As you said, if we were to get paid for friends on FB, we’d all have 10xs as many as we do now and it would be even more chaotic. I also personally find more on Pinterest that catches my interest than on Mulu so far. 🙂


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