Nostalgia over mom’s pans/cookware

I was cleaning up the kitchen the other night and realized the 9×9 inch pan and large mixing bowl I was washing used to be my mom’s. The spoon I had put in the dishwasher was the one we used to make cookies with (in addition to the large mixing bowl). As I added dishes to the dishwasher and washed the pans, I had a nostalgic moment where I just cherished the idea that I still had these items. Gratitude that they were still in great shape and that I had kept them all this time. I also had a long moment of thinking of all the coffee cakes, cookies, and other baked goods that were made with these kitchen tools. I do not have a lot of physical reminders of my mom, but these little items made me grateful for all the years I did have with her, all the summers of 4-H where I learned to bake and we would sample my good batches and my not so great concoctions together.

My mom has been gone more than half of the years that I have been alive. This August it will be 18 years, and even though I do not always remember her voice, or know what advice she would give me now as a grown woman, I still love the moments when I see her so visibly. Even if that is while washing a pan she used to use, or taking a bite of her yummy coffee cake.

my mom before kids

To all moms out there, know that you are cherished and appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Nostalgia over mom’s pans/cookware

  1. Such a great post! What a nice way to think of your mother in your daily life. I still have several of my mother’s baking pans and cooking utensils. Fantastic memories of baking the family traditional Christmas cookies together. I also have my grandmother’s old wood rolling pin (has to be at least 100 years old). I never knew my grandmother but I have always used her rolling pin, kind of nice connection.


  2. As a mom of “grown ups”, I’m guessing that your mom would love the way you’re remembering her — for the everyday reminders of shared moments in the kitchen, stirring up memories together. What mom wouldn’t be overjoyed to have raised a whole-souled daughter like you!


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