Dads and Daughters

A few weeks ago, I finished a book called: “The Magic Room: A Story about the Love we wish for our Daughters” by Jeffrey Zaslow. His book has been bringing out all these memories about my dad. My father passed on in 2000. My father/daughter experience had its ups and downs, probably much like many others. There were times when he was present in my life and then later he was not around for many years, and then after my mom passed on, he was back in my life for a few years. There were many times when I felt more like the parent in the situation, when he would call and talk to me for hours (focus on him doing the talking). As I have pondered my relationship with my dad, I think I have realized that my most favorite memories of my dad were when I was a child.

Do you ever remember when you would come back from a car trip asleep and one of your parents would carry you into bed? I loved that. I loved it so much that I would purposely look like I was asleep so he would carry me into my bed. Eventually as I got older they would just leave me in the car and I would either wake up (if I was really asleep) or I would grudgingly walk to my bed (how bummed I was).

Another memory I have was reading books with my dad. I have fond memories of sitting on our living room couch (which was always covered with dog hair), and reading to my dad with our dog Ginger laying next to us. I also remember playing lots of board games. Our family played board games often, and I can remember trying hard to learn the rules early on so that I could be sure I would be allowed to play. Often I won, and I think my trying so hard to be a participant made me continue to want to win, which resulted in a competitive streak (that my sister would say has not ended).

me and my dad

Miss you dad.

One thought on “Dads and Daughters

  1. Tami – I so relate to these memories and especially the one about faking sleep so you could be carried to bed! We adults need a similar mechanism!!!


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