Dukes of Hazzard + Big Wheels

What activities made you happy as a child? Could you list them right now? If so, do they bring a smile to your face? I started thinking about what made me happy as a kid this past weekend when I came across this picture of me on my Dukes of Hazzard Big Wheel.

me on my new Big Wheel

I LOVED Daisy Duke. She was just the epitome to me at the time of what I would now call a badass. We did not have a TV growing up, so I would live for the chance to watch Dukes of Hazzard at my grandma’s house each week. I remember a local store (I think it was called Zayre’s) had a photo signing by Daisy Duke herself. I do not remember if I actually got to meet her, but I was so proud of that photo with her signature. In my mind she was famous.

I also loved the Dukes of Hazzard theme song. Hey, I am from Indiana. You can take the girl out of Indiana, but you cannot take an Indiana childhood out of the girl. Enough said.

As you can tell from the above picture, I obviously loved my Big Wheel too. It looks like it is brand new and I do know that I am riding it in our living room (flip flops and all). Somethings do not change, I still check the temperature in April to see if I can wear my flip flops yet, and in October to see if I can continue to wear them or if I will freeze.

What I love most about this photo is the absolute glee and happiness on my face. This is my inspiration this week. That I can approach life today with as much excitement and joy as I did on my Big Wheel version of the General Lee.

Are you with me? What Big Wheel riding, Dukes of Hazzard moment of your childhood made you feel like a badass and you smiled from cheek to cheek?

6 thoughts on “Dukes of Hazzard + Big Wheels

  1. Awe, Tami, you are so adorable (then and now of course)! It brought back vivid memories as I think Jeremy had a similar if not the same Big Wheel. He actually won the big wheel race at a local carnival one year! What a hoot! Thanks for sharing


  2. I think Weylon Jennings said it appropriately in the show’s theme song: “…the mountain may get them but the law never will.” I think your picture captures the essence of that statement. I too grew up watching the show hoping one day I could slide over the hood of my car and drive on 2 wheels through town. I remember purposely leaving the car window down, so I could make a feet first entrance into my seat. The coolest part was my young mom had a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am in fire red with the firebird painted on the hood. It even had one of those exhaust that was on top of the hood to keep the supercharged engine cool.

    I thought I was one of the coolest 4-year-olds around! Thanks for reminding me of the good ol’ boys.


    • Great to hear from you! Yes, I wanted all cars to have the doors sealed so you could only enter through the window. I think I got in trouble a few times for trying that way. Wow your mom’s car sounds perfect. You definitely were one of the coolest 4 year olds. Definitely beat our Buick wood paneled station wagon! I miss saying: Rosco P. Coltrane!


  3. My big wheels. Oh my all time favorite thing as a kid! I would ride it up and down our street all day. I even tried to ride it long after the front wheel began to take on a new shape from all the worn out areas. When it became too hard to pedal because my knees no longer fit under the handle bars I remember putting my foot on the seat and pushing off with my other foot like a scooter. That thing even traveled an hour away annually to the Dwight Harvest Days so I could race among the pack of other kids who loved their big wheels as much as me. Every year I would tell myself “this is my year to win!” I never did but, my family made me feel like I won every year as they cheered me on 🙂 I have been envious of Carrot Top ever since seeing him have a specially made Big Wheels that he can ride as an adult. Maybe some day the girls and I can race…..


    • Rock on Mindy! I remember when mine slowed down because the front wheel split and so was no longer round. Yes, I was bummed when I became too big to get my knees under the handlebars. I didn’t know Carrot Top has a specially made one. I want one! Do your girls have ones? If not you should get them each one!


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