Michelle Obama and Push-Ups

So not to be completely vain, but I have to talk about: Push-ups. I have never liked doing them, never been good at them, never really had the upper body strength. I hated those fitness tests we had to do in elementary school where the gym teacher tracked our pull-ups, sit-ups, push-ups, etc. Ugh, so not fun. However, recently I saw Michelle Obama on Ellen DeGeneres, and they were competing to see who could do more push-ups. Then, I read this article from the Baltimore Sun about Michelle. I thought to myself: Michelle rocks. What first lady in history could do push-ups and would do them on national television? Some might think it is not the right way for her to show herself, but I think: DO NOT STOP – you are an inspiration! I love how the above article is written, and this quote specifically:

“She is breaking all kinds of molds. But there is something about a push-up. Do you remember an aging Jack Palance doing his one-armed version at the Oscars? America caught its breath. More than any other physical test or calisthenic, it is a quintessential American demonstration of strength. Even chin-ups — which are probably harder to do — are not the boot camp badge of honor that push-ups are. And America’s first lady can do a rack of them. We are in uncharted territory here, my friends.”

Michelle has been speaking around the country for the initiative she launched: Let’s Move. This is an initiative I can get behind. An initiative that fosters raising healthy children, teaching them healthy habits, becoming more physically active, and helping with access to healthy food options.

farmers' market artichokes - a healthy local option!

I am off to go do my daily push-ups. I think I am up to 10 a day (shhh…I am just starting out, it has been a long time since third grade gym class). Thank you for the inspiration, Michelle Obama!

2 thoughts on “Michelle Obama and Push-Ups

  1. Push-ups kick the ass off of pull-ups… mostly because I can’t (and never have been able to) do pull-ups. I’m a big dude with a lot to pull in an upward fashion. It’s just not going to happen without someone holding my legs and, much like a pinch to the love handle, that’s just NOT going to happen 🙂


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