Do you remember Mad Libs?

Have you ever seen an “Ad Lib?” This week Title Nine inspired me. One of their emails had an Ad Lib (that is what I am calling it!) for your perfect day and they connected it to buying a bathing suit. It is February. I am not really thinking about buying a bathing suit at the moment, but nonetheless their ad sparked my thought. Gosh, it has been years since I have done a Mad Lib. Nostaglia of my childhood. Do kids even do those anymore? Maybe there is an app for that?!? Okay, so my research side went and looked just now. There are two apps called: Mad Lib in the iTunes store. One is free and the other is $3.99.

I wanted to grant your Friday with my own little Mad Lib for you, Tami style (I kept it easy so you will not have to think to hard, since it is Friday):

It is Friday and the weekend is almost here. Tonight you will [sassy verb] with your favorite [noun]. As you arrive at [favorite destination] you will slowly sit down, and say: “Ah–[adjective].” You are so excited it is the weekend, as you have so many plans for Saturday and Sunday. The first thing you are going to do on Saturday is [verb] with [favorite pet’s name] on a [noun]. Afterwards, you promised you would take care of your friend’s [happy noun]. On Sunday, you plan to excitedly [verb], but you are quickly apprehensive because your hair is [adjective]. You learn that the actual size of the [verb] you set out to accomplish is really much, much more [adjective] than you could have ever expected. Wow, do you have a [noun] to tell folks on Monday. Enjoy your weekend!

Thank you, Title Nine, for inspiring me with your Ad Lib ad. Very creative!

**Feel free to share your Mad Lib in the comments section to the left after you fill in all the verbs, nouns, etc.

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