TOW…oh no!! and a random act of kindness

So yesterday I was in Portland with the hat of jewelry representative. After venturing to a few boutiques I stopped to see my sister to pick up a book from her. I did not realize it when I was parking (I read the arrows on the sign wrong) and I ended up parking in a “no parking 4-6 PM” area. Ugh. I get back to my car as the tow truck is starting to put my front wheels on the tow truck.

I was flabbergasted. I thought I had read the signs correctly. I run to the tow truck and ask the driver why he is towing my car! He yells at me: “Look at the signs, you are not to park here between 4-6 PM.” I am obviously confused. I know how to read. I know how to look at arrows, but like we all do (or maybe it is just me) I read it wrong. Bummer. I must have had the most confused look on my face.

He yells at me, “Here is your ticket…get the @#$@#$!%$ in your car and drive away now, and I will not charge you for the tow.” Wow. That was the random act of kindness for me yesterday. Thank you, Mr. Tow Truck Driver. I appreciate your rather gruff affection and your walking away from taking more money out of my bank account.

Blindness, or misreading a sign = $90 for a parking ticket. Bummer. Gratefully, I only walked away with a $90 ticket instead of a $90 ticket AND towing fees. Yowsers.

the tow notice on my windshield

Happy day to all,

Paying more attention in Portland.

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