Read A Book A Day

I just finished reading the book: “Think: Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed-Down World” by Lisa Bloom. Near the end of the book Lisa mentions Nina Sankovitch in a section on reading. Lisa talks about how important reading is for women, and shares Nina’s website and a bit about her story. Nina decided back in 2008 to read a book a day (of normal length, 200-350 pages). I read a lot of books a year, but I do not know how it is possible to read one a day. I am completely impressed. On Nina’s website, she shares a list of places you can read (which is how she read a book a day). Here are a few places that I read:

  • in the car when Chris is driving
  • in the car when I pick him up from work and I am waiting for him
  • while I blow dry my hair
  • when I sit outside in the summer and enjoy the sun
  • while I run
  • sometimes just before bed
  • if we are watching a movie and I am half watching it because it is not that great of a movie
  • in the bathroom (of course – who does not)

A few more from Nina’s site, her list starts with “Always have a book with you.”

  • when waiting in line
  • instead of updating Facebook or Twitter
  • read with your kid

Or, I would add-on to the last one, “read with your spouse.” So what will you be bringing with you the next time you leave the house?

In honor of Nora Ephron, I am reposting a quote by Nora that David Kanigan recently posted on his blog.

6 thoughts on “Read A Book A Day

  1. I’m jealous of anyone who has the time to read a book a day, the best I can manage is 2 a week (3 if it’s a slow week) but it’s a great goal to aim for!


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