I’ll have Fries with that!

So it has been years and years since I have been to a fast food restaurant (In-and-Out Burger does not count). Ever since I was not feeling well about a week ago, I have been having strange cravings and adverseness to certain foods that I love. It has been a funky food week for me. I mostly eat a raw diet before 5 p.m. A green smoothie in the morning, a salad for lunch, and then protein, veggie, fruit for dinner. This is all when we eat at home. When we go out, I still try to eat vegetables, but I also go with what sounds best, or with what would be to complicated or involved to make at home. I also have a weakness for french fries, most likely due to the salt. I can also easily be coerced into ordering a burger with that. However, that would be at a good restaurant. (For Portlanders, my current favorite place for a burger and fries is Noble Rot).

Yesterday, Chris and I were running a few errands, and I had eaten lunch earlier than normal. I was needing a snack and the cashews I brought with me were not cutting it. Every drive thru we drove past I would say: “Oh, salt and fries, yum.” I would not usually say that and crave fast food. This past week I have had cravings for the strangest things (no I am not pregnant!). So because I could not stop talking about french fries, and we were not near our normal favorite restaurants, I suggested we go to Burgerville for some fries on our way home. They use all local ingredients, so how bad could they be? They were fine, nothing too exciting, but they met my imperative need for salt.

What I loved most about this fast food adventure, was the receipt. I have included it below. You will see my fries and Chris’ cheeseburger, and all the facts about each (calories, protein, etc). I do not count calories (way too much work), but I was fascinated! I have never seen that before on any receipt. It also compares your purchase to your daily calorie totals, and gives you percentages too. It is like the newly designed credit card bills that tell you how many months or years it will take to pay off your debt. This shows you how good or bad your meal truly is in relation to calories.

No offense to Burgerville, I am just not a fast foodie, so I will not be back too soon, but I applaud you for providing food from local businesses, and I think your receipt is brilliant.

my burgerville receipt

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