New Show: The Newsroom

Are you a fan of the show: The West Wing? I was. Am. Will always be a fan.

If you are, then you have to check out the new show on HBO called “The Newsroom.” It is another Aaron Sorkin show, starring Jeff Daniels and Emily Mortimer and it has similar tones to The West Wing. All the news that happens on the show actually happened in very recent times. We know as an audience how certain events happen, and the characters do not have this information. So the audience has a context of what happens, while watching the characters unravel the world events happening in a newsroom and it makes for a very interesting and dynamic storyline for the viewer/audience. An example: the BP oil rig explosion in the Gulf and the newsroom is putting all the pieces together to report on this breaking news.

A quote my hubby shared with me of his thoughts: “It is a reboot of West Wing, clever, crafty, and with massive amounts of dialogue, very character driven in one setting. Very similar to Sports Night.”

Only two episodes have aired, and I am already writing about it, so those of you with HBO – watch it. Those of you who do not have HBO, add it to your list for when it comes out on DVD. Like with The West Wing, where they would have dialogue while walking through The West Wing halls, the dialogue also happens while walking. This time it is on the streets of New York. Here is a review of the show from The New Yorker.

Looking forward to future episodes! Would be curious to hear what you think.

5 thoughts on “New Show: The Newsroom

  1. I thought the first show was engaging – and promising. The second was a disappointment. Too much on the little romantic interplays, which I find extremely boring. The strength of this series will depend on how it covers the real events – not on who is, has been or might be messing around with whom. These panderings expose “sorkinese” at its worst, because there’s no substance to distract from it. Remains to be seen – a couple more times maybe.


  2. Hey, it’s summer, it’s Sorkin … what’s not to like? Brilliant idea to launch it in the season of reruns and no-runs (we signed up for HBO after hearing a few Sorkin interviews about his new show).

    Glad Sorkin decided to let Emily Mortimer be English rather than affecting an American accent (he said that it hit him during rehearsals to do that, and just to give her a back story of being born in US to a British diplomat). I like being reminded of the range of choices that news programs make — or invent, and it’s interesting to view with 20/20 hindsight. Watching Sorkin’s choreography of dialogue is amazing. I’m with you — looking forward to future episodes.


  3. We’ll see what happens Mario! I agree Sioux Sioux regarding Emily Mortimer. So glad you signed up for HBO so you do not miss it. I also agree with you regarding the range of choices news programs make and interesting that the intent of this one is to have more integrity. I really enjoyed the opening scene of the first episode where Jeff Daniels is quiet and then just cannot be stopped.


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