Tomorrow is TAX day…

Did you have a good weekend? I did. It was not long enough though, I still have a long list of items on my To-Do list. Next weekend I guess. Chris and I went to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival with friends and their precious little ones. It is the perfect place to take kids. The adults can enjoy the flowers (and I think the vast tulip field intrigues the kids too) but they do a wonderful job of having activities and rides for children too. We had wanted to go for a while and Saturday turned out to be the perfect day, the sun was out and it was slightly warmer!

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm

So tomorrow is tax day. Have you submitted your taxes? I had to remember (and Google) why we have Tax Day on April 17 this year. Since the 15th falls on a Sunday, usually it would be the 16th, but it is Emancipation Day in the District of Columbia, so for 2012 it is on April 17. We just shelled out a chunk of change to the IRS. It is always the dilemma, do you pay more throughout the year and get a refund, or do you have less taken out and have to pay in April? I can see it both ways, but I have to say in the end it is never fun to write a big fat check to Uncle Sam. (By the way, I have always felt bad for those men out there that are named Sam, that are also uncles – your name gets a bad rap does it not?)

So since many of us have to pay out a ton of money tomorrow, maybe it is also a day that we should pamper ourselves and do something that feels good. Something relaxing, something happy, something soothing. I enjoy the EaterPDX website for updates on new restaurants and food happenings in Portland. They have shared a list of restaurants nationwide that are giving discounts and deals on Tax Day, April 17. It might feel nice to get a deal if you just shelled out some cash to Uncle Sam.

Enjoy yourself tomorrow, don’t let the IRS get you down.

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