Living in the Moment…

I am loving the Daily Om from yesterday. It was titled: “Enjoying Life.” Or what I like to call: “Living in the Moment.” How easy it is for us to go through each day getting caught up with everything that is on our To-Do list, the meetings, and our regularly scheduled routine. We often forget to live in the moment. Whether that means that we are not listening to those we are close to while they share a story of their day, or we forget to notice the new buds on our trees, or we miss seeing that we are growing and being challenged each day.

I love this line from this Daily Om:

“There is so much to be enjoyed and appreciated that we need to remember to pay attention to the present moment, because it is the only space in which we can experience being alive.”

Who does not want to feel ALIVE? If we can only remember to do that – to stay alive and in the moment. Why is that so hard to do? Why do we get so caught up in the future, in all we have to do? Why is it SO hard to stay in the moment, whether that moment is painful, unhappy, or exciting and exuberant? I think when life is exciting and going the way we want it to it is easier to stay in the moment, but when we are overwhelmed, stressed, or fearful about the future, it is hard to stay in the NOW. So any and every reminder helps to draw us back into what is happening, to what we are feeling, to reality.

That is my mantra this week. To stay in the now. To be present for the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful. Are you with me? Can we be present 100% together?

I am charging ahead, please join me.

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