Children’s Book Week

Happy Monday! I had a good full weekend, with sunshine and warmth. It is supposed to be 79 degrees in Portland today. I think it will be the warmest day we have had since last summer! The forecast this week shows sun everyday this week, an exciting thing to look forward to when you live in rainy Portland!

So, this week is Children’s Book Week. Yes, I am addicted to reading and books. Books have changed my life. I was thinking back to the books I read as a child. I can remember sitting on the couch and reading aloud to my dad. Often our dog, Ginger, would lay on the couch with us.

tami, dad, and ginger reading together

(Apologies for the faded photo, it is what my physical copy looks like too).

The books I can remember reading aloud were Amelia Bedelia, most Beverly Cleary books, CorduroyAlexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, Clifford, Where the Wild Things Are, Curious George, and many more. Later I would enjoy Encyclopedia BrownThe Babysitter’s Club, and Nancy Drew, among others.

Later in high school and college when I would babysit and work in a day care center, my favorite books to read to children were: Guess How Much I Love You, Love you Forever, You’re Just What I Need, The Paper Bag Princess, and one of my childhood favorites, The Poky Little Puppy.

What were your favorite childhood books?

In honor of children’s book week, give or send a child you know your favorite children’s book.

Have a great week!

6 thoughts on “Children’s Book Week

  1. Oh man… you’ve named some good ones. Yes, I like: Curious George, Where the Wild Things Are, Goodnight Moon, I Love My Daddy Because…, I Love My Mommy Because…, the Whinnie the Pooh collection, the “If you give a…” series by Laura Joffe Numeroff (so fun), tons of the Eric Carle books, tons of the Sandra Boynton books, and Go the F to Sleep 🙂

    Okay, the last one is just for Kim and I. Since Maddie has gotten older, though, she’s busted into chapter books. I liked reading her Matilda but I most certainly did not like The Little House on the Prairie. It just felt like it was written so poorly. In fact, I said that out loud and the next time Maddie’s grandma was reading her that book, Maddie said, “Nana, this book is very poorly written.” in a slightly dramatic tone. It got some laughs.

    Thanks for the post… and cute pic, by the way. I love memories like those.


  2. Forgot another favorite: Toot & Puddle. They’re two little pigs that are friends. They live together and have all sorts of little animal friends. What’s great is that they’re very different, yet compliment each other so well in the ways they’re similar. They travel together (and apart), throw parties together, etc. There are great illustrations and neat things for kids to learn.

    Add’em to your queue, Tami! 🙂


    • How could I forget Go the F to sleep 🙂 Wow! Maddie is reading chapter books! Rock on! I love that she picked up the “poorly written” comment. Wait until she starts reading Little Women. Don’t you love my boy haircut?

      I have not heard of Toot and Puddle. Love the name, going to have to check it out!


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