If you do not wear a wedding ring, why not?

I grew up thinking that men did not wear wedding bands, that it was something only women wore. My dad was in construction and never wore his wedding band. Maybe it was because of the safety aspect, maybe not. Eventually I think he stopped wearing a wedding band because it no longer fit and maybe it was not important enough to him to have it sized correctly.

While talking to a colleague at work this week we somehow came to the conversation of wondering why do some folks who are married not wear a wedding ring? It prompted some questions. Do you not want others to know you are married? Does it no longer fit? Do you dislike the ring you were given? Does it bother you to wear a ring on any finger? Do you play with it, and twist it around your ring finger, thus it is better left at home? (Is it not interesting that it is called the ring finger?) Whatever the reason, we began talking at length about individuals we knew that did not wear a ring. Were they really married? Some we did not know the answer. Others we knew did not wear a ring, but we knew were happily married.

I do believe that our society has over sensitized wedding rings, diamonds, the money involved with purchasing rings, etc. So is wearing a ring still sacred? Does it matter? If you are married, do you cherish wearing a ring? I do. I feel naked without my wedding ring. I look at it often throughout the day. When my hands are cold and it slides around, or on hot days it may feel tighter. It is a wonderful reminder of Chris, and the vows we took together over ten years ago. By the way, I still have my dad’s wedding band, it sits in a box of memorabilia.

So, if you are a man or a woman and do not wear your wedding ring, is there a reason why? I am curious.

5 thoughts on “If you do not wear a wedding ring, why not?

  1. Oh – I love this topic. I inherently don’t like wedding rings from the blood diamond trade perspective. The industry is crazy and the one-up-manship of some engagement rings borders on ridiculous. Plus, I don’t like that it used to be a symbol of ownership of a woman. However, I like the “eternity” concept and think the personal connection is sweet when you and your spouse share a set of rings.
    As a lefty, I like how many Europeans wear their wedding rings on their right hand. That’s my preferred location if I were to ever have/wear a ring.
    My friend who works with live wires (construction type job) can’t wear a ring, so he had it tattooed on his skin. So cool that it meant that much to him, that he inked it on for the times when he can’t wear it.


    • Totally agree about ownership of a woman! I never knew that about Europeans and the right hand! I have often thought about the tattoo on the finger, but think I might be too much of a woos, too actually get it done (I don’t like needles!)


  2. When my dad was married to my mom he never wore his ring that I can remember. It sat in his dresser. His fingers were fat and he had to work with his hands all day and they would swell and shrink in the hot or cold weather work as an electrician. On his second wife he wears his band and takes it off and puts it in a safe spot if he has to use his hands. Interesting. I chalk it up to mistakes made. It’s a symbol for a reason, I believe. I think it also protects married people to some extent from unwanted advances, you know? And it protects single people from accidentally taking something the wrong way or thinking about someone as a ‘ dating possibility’ when they really aren’t.


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