Tears While Watching this VW Ad

Just saw this VW ad this week. It brought tears to me eyes. Many of the comments I have read about the video have to do with how good the music is and I agree, the music captures the essence of the story VW is trying to tell. That really is the gist of clever marketing today. How to tell a story that captures the attention of the viewer amidst all the emails, videos, blogs, and other attention zappers. What makes us listen? What attracts us to what stories? Sometimes I think it is the human connection. The heart-strings being pulled. Other times it is that we in some way relate or resonate with the story because we have been through something similar? Take a look at VW’s recent ad:

So what did you think? Did it resonate with you? I love the interaction of the girl with her father. Maybe I have nostalgia wishing my dad and I had that interaction. That I knew he thought of me in that way. I have watched it a few times and each time, I cry a bit. The hug and embrace at the end keeps the tears flowing. So often my childhood was just about survival and I never really saw my dad in the lens of thinking about my growth and future. Gratitude for dads out there that have a great connection with their daughter(s).

Happy Friday – have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “Tears While Watching this VW Ad

  1. Thanks for posting this! I agree — genius ad. I kept seeing my son with his children in this ad — a dad who hasn’t forgotten how to play and who embraces those special moments. I’m forwarding this to see if it makes him teary too. 🙂


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