A little girl and her Doritos…

Last week I came across this Doritos Super Bowl Contest, where fans can make their own ads. The Fast Company article was specifically discussing a video that had a goat screaming. It was good, but then I started looking at the other finalists in the competition. That is when I found this one:

That is one clever little girl. Check out the four other finalists and vote too!

Who are you rooting for on Super Bowl Sunday?

4 thoughts on “A little girl and her Doritos…

  1. Thanks for your link to these fun Doritos ads. I’m liking the one with guys playing princesses for Doritos myself. What a creative way for companies to get customers both to do the work and to watch them. Will be fun to see if there are any Apple-style breakthrough ads this year. Yay for East vs West rivalry!


    • Susu! I liked that ad too! It is a clever way for companies not to have to be creative, and their addicts create better versions of their own brand loyalty. Who are you rooting for?


  2. That was adorable! I watched it with my 2 year old niece and she found it greatly amusing. In fact, we’re on our third time of watching it (I think I’ve created a monster…)


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