3 thoughts on “What is your earliest money memory?

  1. I liked this post, Tami…I babysat for 35 cents/hour and 50 cents after midnight, as a teenager. Also, I had a coin collection as a little girl, with all denominations of coins from different mints and different years carefully taped into small notebooks. One afternoon, a brush fire got away from my dad, and he had to call the local rural fire department. Somehow I thought we would have to pay the firemen for coming to help us, and, knowing that our family was very short on money, I tore out all of the coins from my notebooks, put the money in a jar and took it down to my dad. I remember sitting in my bedroom destroying my little books, but have no memory of the actual giving of it to my folks nor their response. I just remember feeling that I was scared, and had to do something to help. I must have been about 10 at the time, and we’d just moved to Michigan. I also babysat for 35 cents/hour and 50 cents after midnight. I worked in a family shoe store from age 14 through college. Got free room and board as an R.A in my dorm….been mostly working ever since.


  2. Excellent article! My godparents are gave me money every holidays and I always gave it to my mom as she promised to deposit it in a savings bank. Like you, there was no bank account on my name and it was spent! Sometimes I still bring that out to my mom ha!


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