What Is Your Story?

We each have a story to tell. Whether we had a tough childhood, or one full of fun, play, and laughter, there is a story in everything we do. I am the kind of person that walks into a room and accesses who else is in the room, what are the dynamics, the mood and energy level. I think it tells you a lot about how individuals will or may interact during the time spent in that room or social situation. In the end, each individual has a story to tell. Each in our own unique perspective.

If you listen to how another individual tells a story, you can learn about the art of a story, you can watch how they captivate a room. What brings others into their story? What is interesting the story they tell? What makes others laugh? What keeps them captivated? Over time I have begun to watch for those nuances when someone else tells a story, in the books I read, and in how people interact. Are they more dramatic, are they comedic? Do they start the story with a good opening?

Recently I came across this quote from an Oprah email:

“You have to live your story before being able to write your story.” – Amy Shearn

It has me thinking. What is my story to tell? What is your story to tell? What did you observe today that will help you tell your story? There is rich material in each encounter we have, we just have to be open and willing to watch for the color, the nuggets, the humor, and thread together the web that connects each story.

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