Toilets, maps, and fizzy water

Over 12 years ago, my sister took me on a trip to Italy to belated celebrate my college graduation. Neither of us spoke Italian, but it did not matter. All I needed to know (I know I am a simple one) is: “Where is the bathroom.” Or: “dove è la toilette.” At least that is what Google translate says is correct. We flew into Milan, took a train to Florence where we spent a few days, then off to Venice for the rest of our trip. Each city was so different from the others.



I loved the food, the people, the shops, the art. I am better at reading maps and navigating than I am speaking a language I do not know, or attempting to order food I want to eat (and not receiving something I do not want to eat). My sister would order our food and I would navigate the many streets and canals. Could we get to where we wanted to go, or would the street be flooded? Somehow splitting duties worked for us.

One of the things I found so comical about eating in restaurants on our trip was ordering water. You always had to tell the server, water with or without gas. I hated water with gas. Yes, water with gas. It must have been an Italian thing. I think my sister preferred water with gas, but me, not so much. If I remember correctly I convinced her to get water without gas because it would be less expensive.

Fast forward to a few months ago, and after all these years, I have become addicted to Perrier or San Pellegrino. Over the weekend someone told me about the Sodastream that turns water into bubbly water. The higher end model has glass bottles, the lower end model uses plastic bottles. Today at work someone told me that you can make sparkling water with a simple contraption called Fizz Gizz. I am trying to decide, do I continue to purchase bottled water, go fancy with a Sodastream, or go low maintenance with the Fizz Gizz? Or are there other potential options?

I am all set for the bathroom with my Sit or Squat app, Google maps helps me find my way, but now I need help with my fizzy addiction. Any sparkling water drinkers out there that can help teach me?


4 thoughts on “Toilets, maps, and fizzy water

  1. Sorry I can’t help, but it is ironic that I just went on a long overdue date with my wife last night and tried San Pellegrino for the very first time. I actually quite enjoyed it 🙂 If only I could now find a way to be drinking it while sitting at a local restaurant in Florence 😉


  2. Ah Italia! Fun memories. You were a great navigator, and yes, I did prefer the fizzy water. Glad you are appreciating it now too. Matt almost bought me the Sodastream earlier this year. He hates that I buy bottled water (even glass) but ultimately I was concerned about the whole carbonator thing and the waste that produces. At the time no one wanted to take them back to reuse or recycle – but looking at their site now it appears there are a number a of places to “exchange” your carbonator. I’d go with the Sodastream (and then tell me what you think). That fizz gizz thing looks weird and you still need to hook up a carbon dispenser to the cap. Check out this article and videos re: Sodastream and the ad that was pulled from the Super Bowl due to push back from Pepsi


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