An interesting way to shop online

A few weeks ago, I found a cool website that displays boutique products as though you are virtually in the shop itself. ShopStoree is the namesake, with the tagline: “Every shop has a story.” When you hover over specific products, you have the option to then purchase them online. It is a great way to merchandise products mixed with other items, rather than a conveyor belt option of items in silos unto themselves.

Each photo is of a different shop, and when you see the black dot, click on it and it will give you the name, price and link to the online shop of the boutique. You also can click on “About this Shop” to learn about the online or brick + mortar boutique. ShopStoree says: “We believe an amazing retail experience is not confined to a physical store.
 It transcends that. It is about the joy of discovery. And we believe that kind of discovery can be experienced in a digital world.” I have to agree with them. It takes online shopping to a whole new level. I can experience a boutique in Cleveland I have never been to, or explore one in Portland and see if I want to venture there in person.

It looks like they have an assortment of shop styles to explore. The only caveat is that you can look at a photo and find that there are many other things on that table that you want to purchase but does not have the black dot. Eye candy you cannot have! But, I guess if I saw an item in a photo that was not for sale on ShopStoree, I could always contact the specific store and ask them for more details on a that product.

Interested? Check them out!

4 thoughts on “An interesting way to shop online

  1. What a kick! Thanks for uncovering — and sharing — so many hidden treasures in your blog. The bracelet purse is definitely a novel item. I love seeing people come up with ideas that give a totally new twist to a functional object.


  2. Hi Tami – I’m kind of late to the party, but I’m actually the co-founder of ShopStoree and wanted to thank you for the kind words! We’re out to make shopping beautiful, and appreciate you sharing our vision on your lovely blog.

    We’ve updated the site with more merchants and products since you posted this. Also, if there’s a product not listed for sale (eye candy you cannot have…yet!), you can click on that product and directly message the merchant about it.

    As you peruse ShopStoree, I’d love to get your feedback on it. We’re always looking for ways to improve the experience. Feel free to email me at ricky (at)

    Look forward to connecting!


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