Boss or Bossy? Ah, the stereotypes.

No one likes to be judged. Especially if you are being judged because of your gender. It is 2014. Does it still happen? You betcha. Should it still be happening? Hell no.

When I saw this Pantene commercial, I hardly thought about what they want you to think about, the individual’s hair. Yes, if you really look it is shiny, glossy, and looks great. Yes, you see it subliminally. Yet, at the moment, I do not care. I like an ad that can make me think, that can make me put myself in their shoes. That is telling a story, and making an emotional connection with their consumer. Does this commercial hit you in the gut, or make your cry? No. But, it does make you think.

How many of us have felt gender stereotypes in the workplace? I definitely have. Am I taken seriously because I am a woman? Not always. Do folks think I come off as a bitch when I might be firm and aggressive about a situation? Sometimes. Would they feel the same way if it was a man who was firm and aggressive? Probably not as much as they would a woman. Am I biased? Maybe. Why might I be biased? Only because I have felt what it is like to not be respected in my role by men, and sometimes even women. Gender stereotypes at its finest. You will see what I mean when you watch this quick Pantene commercial.


2 thoughts on “Boss or Bossy? Ah, the stereotypes.

  1. Wow. Just plain wow. Great ad, powerful message. I imagine some men use Pantene, as well. How might the message be different if the closing shot was of a man with neat, shiny hair?


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