Sand and ice in the UP

I spent a few summers in the Upper Peninsula, Michigan. I loved the sand dunes, and the wide shores of Lake Michigan. It felt almost like an ocean, as the lake stretched out so far you could not see the other side. Some days the waves were as high as the waves of the Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean. I have not been back since 2000, but I still have great memories, and the nostalgia has not waned in the least. I often talk to Chris about taking a week in the summer and going up to Northern Michigan, playing in the sand dunes, and living the leisurely life of the beach on Lake Michigan. I have quite a few fun memories of sand dogging, trekking down the sandy peaks to launch into the lake at high speeds. Summers of cherry waffle chip ice cream, and amazing food (the bread was to die for, I have pictures to prove that I ate plenty of bread).

So when I saw our crazy, snowy winter make an avalanche of snow on the Upper Peninsula, I was in awe. These are the shores that I swam, and ran down the sand dunes, and to think of the crazy amounts of snow and ice that have pummeled the sandy shores. It made me want to go and play in the snow and ice as I did in the sandy, beach dunes (well sort of, as I am sure it is so damn cold). I think these nature created ice caves are simply amazing, and how often do they happen? How often does nature have a unique way to keep our mouths agape at the wonder in front of us? Be sure to click the above link to take a look.

Circa 1998

Circa 1998

If you have never had the opportunity to explore the Sleeping Bear Dunes in Northern Michigan, you will want to put it on your bucket list. It is one of the most beautiful, relaxing, slow-your-life down places in the country. You might not have cell phone coverage, so you will have to check out of your smart phone habits, enjoy your family, the fresh air, and sand coming out your pores, in your car, and in your bed. It is the summer life in Northern Michigan. Can you tell I am addicted?

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