david baldacci // donate your books

My life would not be the same without books.  As a young child, I remember participating in the summer reading club and hiding under the covers after my bedtime with a flashlight so I could finish whatever good book I was reading.  Was it Encyclopedia Brown or the Babysitters Club? Who knows.  We escape into the lives and adventures of others, learn new skills, and hear true stories through memoirs and biographies, and so much more.  Life without reading would be drab.

My mother-in-law told me I would enjoy reading David Baldacci’s book: One Summer.  David is known in Virginia and has a home on Smith Mountain Lake where my in-laws live.  In addition to writing a multitude of books, he also started the Wish You Well Foundation.  I love what they are trying to do and it made things start to spin in my head.  If I start a my own business, I want to set it up so that some of my profits/proceeds go to a foundation that supports literacy. Books have been one of the most important aspects of my life.  As a child, and now as an adult.

Smith Mountain Lake

I also love the trickle effect of a good idea.  I told my sister about this foundation and my earnest desire to support literacy.  Later I found out that David’s foundation sparked the idea for her company to do a book drive for children’s books over the Christmas holiday.  Within just a few weeks, they collected over 200 books for children to donate to the Children’s Book Bank.

For more details about what you can do nationally, you can contact the Wish You Well Foundation.

You can also do an Internet search for how you can donate new or used children’s books. Donations are usually tax deductible.

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