“I Just Want To Play Ball”

Nike truly is amazing at marketing to their consumers. This past weekend Nike launched a new video that will air on NBC, ABC Family and ESPN through July 26. It is called “Voices” or I have also referred to it as: “I Just Want to Play Ball.” It features: Marlen Esparza – Olympic Boxer, Diana Taurasi – Professional Basketball Player, Joan Benoit Samuelson – Olympic Marathoner, and Lisa Leslie – Professional Basketball Player.

After my post last Friday on Title IX this video is so very appropriate and brought tears to my eyes. It is effective at hitting the emotion of a woman. My favorites lines are:

“People are not used to women being so passionate.”

“I’m a girl. It doesn’t mean that I have to wear a skirt.”

I also wanted to share this article about women in Saudi Arabia being allowed to compete in the Olympics. This is a long time coming, and I am so grateful it has come to fruition.

So, thank you again, Nike, for making us think differently about women and girls. I will leave you today with the words of Joan: “I am fifty-five years old, and I run close to 70 miles a week.” Even if I am not doing 70 miles a week, I hope to still be running.

4 thoughts on ““I Just Want To Play Ball”

  1. Hi Tami!

    I wasn’t really aware of how much I like your blog! Today I wondered why, Ive not seen your post in my mailbox, and visited your blog..Read this one.. ‘I just wanna play ball’.Toooo amazing.
    I hit on like and wondered why Ive not received this in my email, just to realise that Ive received it in my mail just the time when I was surfing it here..

    Im not really fond of reading, but your posts are so interesting, that they just pull me into reading 🙂 Am glad Im following your blog & I luv your write & ur way of celebrating womanhood..

    3 cheers to ur writing 🙂


    P.S- Keep writing n dont stop 🙂


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