If you say you are going to do something, DO IT.

Sometimes I have so little patience. I wish it was a quality that I had stored up in tons. I remember growing up in Indiana where you would so often see those big grain towers, where you knew there was potentially a store of grain in them, or maybe it was the tall water towers. I would like patience in that volume. Is that even possible?

Yesterday a lot of issues came up at work, where it seemed like things were 99% okay, but that extra 1% was the very piece needed to make sure something could happen. Without that 1% I could not pull the trigger to execute or finish an entire project. That 1% mattered so much in the project and I had to rely on someone else to make it happen, and somehow for each aspect there was something missing. I came home and thought: “ugh what a day.” Honestly it all does not matter in the grand scheme of things, yet. Yes, there is a yet. I think what matters more is that 1% equates to dependability and trust. When you are given situations where someone does not come through for you, you start to wonder if they will the next time and the next, and the one after that.

It is something that Chris and I talk about often. One of my biggest pet peeves is: if you say you are going to do something, DO IT. Bring it, give it your all, and be present and there for what you said you would do. Whenever Chris and I get into it with each other (and that is so rarely) it is usually because of that very fact. We agreed to something and then we did not honor that agreement. Take a stand, agree to what you are going to bring to the table, and then bring it with all you have got.

I need to practice patience and give folks a chance to come to the table. If you come to the table and show that you have put some thought around it, cared, then I am going to be with you and walk together to a solution. If you have not tried, or you show you do not care, then my patience is thin, and short.

Come to the table, bring it, and show you care.

5 thoughts on “If you say you are going to do something, DO IT.

  1. I am with you on this one. MAJOR pet peeve! It is so hard to have patience with the over-promisers of the world. Life would be so much easier-nicer-more pleasant if these people just fessed up and said, “Nope, can’t get that done.”


  2. I just read this yesterday – I think it is the April issue of Real Simple. http://www.realsimple.com/work-life/family/how-have-patience-00100000122308/

    And then at work, one of my BCP emails had this quote: “It is not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.”Epictetus

    I have patience, in fact I sometimes have too much patience – and there is a fine line there. So instead of worrying about being patient, I’m focusing on how I react and respond. It’s all in the approach and response!


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