Nom Nom – Pretzel rolls

Oh man.  I’m addicted to pretzel rolls.

So on the ‘About’ page on my site you will see that at the moment I have a salt addiction (it has been a very long moment). I can remember my mom having a pretzel addiction growing up. You would find partially eaten bags all over the house, as though she needed to have them a hands reach away when the urge hit. So far I have not really had any interest in pretzels unless they are dipped in white chocolate. What I do have is a newly found interest in pretzel rolls. Last July, I had them in the form of pretzel breadsticks at Stonewood Grill in Raleigh, N.C. (which I have recently learned has closed). Major bummer, it was a great restaurant. Then in November, I had them on a plane flying back from Amsterdam. Yes, I said it, I had an amazing pretzel roll on an airplane. Then, last week, at a local bakery.

The domino effect (and to my husband’s great excitement) led me to track down a good recipe for pretzel rolls. This one is very simple and tastes so yummy. The actual recipe is at the bottom of the post. The difference between a regular yeast roll and a pretzel roll is what they call the ‘lye’ bath, details, further explanation, and photos at the above link. Basically you are poaching the rolls before baking, and that gives the pretzel roll the darker brown/harder texture.

The great thing about this recipe is that they freeze well, and are just as good warmed up after pulling out of the freezer (no need to thaw), making this recipe last a long time! Well, maybe not a long time (they go fast at my house). They take about 2 hours to make, but most of that is in the rising of the dough.

Pretzel rolls - (made last night)

Pretzel rolls = happy husband! We could not stop eating them last night.

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