Keep your energy clean

Since I’m from Indiana I always get the normal terms for sweep and vaccum mixed up.  We said ‘sweep’ or ‘sweeper’ when we were referring to pulling out the Hoover and cleaning the rug, as in: “Go sweep your bedroom.”  My husband has tried to train me that sweeping is with a broom and a hard floor (aka no carpet), but I guess you can take the girl out of Indiana, but you cannot take the Indiana out of the girl.

In any case, Friday’s Daily Om on January 20, 2012 (an email newsletter I referred to here), discussed sweeping as a way to look ahead.  I am going to focus on this idea this week in my life. I had a great call with a friend on Friday about where we are at in our life, in work and relationships and I am at a crossroads.  I can make the choice to go forward with what is or has been comfortable or I can try something new and go on an adventure!  Either choice can have its scary or fearful parts.

I especially love this specific quote from the Daily Om:  “Sweeping each morning prepares the ground for the new day at the same time as it deepens our awareness of the importance of letting go of the past to welcome the present. As we clear the energy of our space, we clear our own energy systems. In addition, we create a space that feels clean, clear, and open to all who enter. Be sure to think welcoming thoughts as you sweep, manifesting what you need for the day. Making sweeping part of our daily ritual tunes us into the continuing cycle of releasing the old and welcoming the new that is the hallmark of a healthy energy system.”

I am going to approach each day this week, letting go of my past and welcoming the present.  For those of you who are not necessarily at a crossroads, you too can clean the energy of your space by starting fresh each day on the project you are working on, in a relationship, or with your kids.

Remember you are responsible for the energy you bring to each situation, your home, work, car, etc.

My brother-in-law letting go in Kauai.

Keep your energy clean today!  (New bumper sticker?)

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