Granny Smith

My mom’s mom, she was Grandma Smith to us growing up. Later during and after college, I started calling her Granny Smith. She had her own language which maybe was a bit of her and a bit of the time she came of age.  While reading “Stuffed” last week Patricia Volk, the author, mentions a list of things said by her Aunt Ruthie. A few she lists are ones my grandma would say: “Honest to God.’ “As I live and breathe.” “She’s not my cup of tea.” (Her list is on page 133). I add a few more to the list: “If she only knew.” “Fibber McGee and Molly.” “Six of one, half dozen of the other.”

Patricia also mentions what she calls a ‘zinger’ of things that her Aunt Ruthie would say that would sting. I can remember some of those myself. My grandma would buy multiple doughnuts and cinnamon rolls for breakfast, pop-tarts, make cookies, etc. We rarely had these at my house, and so they were such treats to us when we were at her house. After she filled us up, she would tell me that I was getting heavier and I could probably lose a few pounds. Thanks, Grandma! A perfect example is when she saw a picture from my wedding day where my new husband is holding me in his arms and she says to my husband: “Wow, that is a big load you’ve got there.” Nice one, grandma. I have a huge smile on my face as I write this, because while her words might have bothered some, but they just made me laugh. Granny Smith was a sassy one, and as she got older, I continued to be shocked at some of the things that came out of her mouth. It also means I laughed even more.

Granny Smith and me in 2002

Maybe someone should write a book: “Grandma’s say the darndest things.”

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