A Little Silly And A Lot of Sass!

My Granny Smith, she was a sassy one. I spent a good part of my life with her, even before my parents were gone. She was my favorite. When I was younger I would often spend Friday night at her house, spending the night and then spend Saturday morning watching cartoons (we did not have TV at home). I would also spend Sunday afternoon after church at her house. I always called her Grandma Smith. It was not until I was married to Chris that I somehow started calling her Granny Smith (and the name has stuck). Even though she is no longer with us, she is still Granny Smith to us, and the mention of her name brings a smile to our faces. So many stories, so many funny sayings she had. Many of which made no sense to me.

Chris had a special way with Granny Smith. He was able to get her to talk, and talk, and talk. He got her to tell stories of growing up, her marriage, and raising her kids. She never wanted to tell me that stuff. I imagine he was a patient, listening ear, and he asked her very specific questions. He immediately won her over. Which I can tell you is not an easy feat. Granny Smith did not instantly like folks, and if you were not her favorite person, she did not warm up to you.

As I said earlier, she was a sassy one. She would tell you what was on her mind, whether you liked it or not. I wonder if that is where I got my bluntness. She also liked the underdog. One of the things she liked to do was watch golf. If Tiger or Vijay were constantly winning from week to week, then she would cheer someone else on. We all need someone to root for us when we are the underdog. Somehow she brought out my silly side. I think it was because she was so serious much of the time. It made me try hard to make her laugh and to make her be silly too.

Granny Smith being silly with me…

I miss her.

3 thoughts on “A Little Silly And A Lot of Sass!

  1. What a delightful granddaughter you were for Granny Smith! Hearing about her makes me want to be that kind of grandmother — always available and cheering for grandkids… or any kids who need someone in their cheering section. I didn’t grow up with grandparents, but I’m glad there were a few family friends and neighbors who made me feel special. Now that I think of it, the world could really use a sassy Granny Smith to “tell it like it is” right now!


    • You are a kickass grandma, and I know you make your grandkids feel SO special. Just the right balance for them of love, hugs, and directness as needed! 🙂


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