“Writing is how we ‘right’ our world.”

“Writing is how we ‘right’ our world.”  Aw man, Julia Cameron, you hit the nail on the head. I finished reading “The Sound of Paper” (the book mentioned in this post last week) and went back to look over all the pages I tabbed. You may know Julia from what I think of as her most famous work, “The Artist’s Way.” It has been a while since I have read one of Julia’s books, but in line with the free time I have these days, it felt just right to pick up one of her newer books (“The Prosperous Heart” is also on my shelf from the library, which just came out last month). I have always loved writing, as a child in a creative way, and as I got older in the professional world. Words synthesized together make sense to me. Maybe it is strange to say that when words flow, life just feels more together. When ideas sync, it is a triumph. I have found over the past few years, that there is always so much in my head, and writing has been the way I have made sense of my world, my daily life, my relationships. For 2011, I made a goal for myself to write every day. The writing could be reviewing my day or writing through an issue in my mind, whatever came out, no editing. I found it so helpful, that I am continuing that goal into 2012.

I have also found it fascinating how writing is a form of documenting. I often do not read what I have written for a long time, but sometimes a thought in my mind will cement and I will remember that I wrote about it months prior and will go back and find that idea or paragraph. When I go back to find the idea I was looking for, I end up reading through older journal entries, and I am usually sucked into what else I have written during that time. It has allowed me to see how I have grown up or away from certain ideas I might have been stuck on at the time, or how I have progressed and moved forward in my relationships or my career.

a look at my journal

So, thank you, Julia.  You are right, writing is how I make my world feel right. It is how I make sense (or try to) of why certain bad things might happen, or to cherish and hold close the good things.

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