Start your day with a green smoothie

Since it is Monday, I thought I would start the week out with how I start each day out. I live for my daily green smoothie. Even if we are going out to breakfast or brunch, I do not leave the house without first having my green smoothie. It is filling, nutritious, and starts the day out right. The way I have found to make it easy to have one each day is to stock up at Costco first. You can stock up on bags of mixed fruit and bags of mixed berries (and then you do not have to go to the store as often). I usually use spinach as my green of choice, only because it is easier and you can purchase it in a large bin, rather then taking the time to clean kale. If I stock up on the mixed fruit then I only have to purchase the bananas and spinach/kale each week. I also found that other leafy greens such as green leaf, romaine, etc left the smoothie with a bitter taste. Sometimes I have to add a second banana for consistency depending on the size of the first banana.

Green smoothie recipe:

8 oz water (or to desired consistency)

1 tablespoon flax seed oil (optional)

1-2 large scoops of an organic protein powder (optional)

Large handful of spinach, kale (or other leafy green)

1 banana

1-1 ½ cups fresh or frozen fruit



I have been having this smoothie every day for the past 5 years.  Try it out, and do not worry about the color.  If it sits for a while it might start to turn green, however, it will still taste the same.

Enjoy and let me know if you try it!

3 thoughts on “Start your day with a green smoothie

  1. Oh, yum…..and you have gotten us to have a daily smoothie, as well. Every morning! Great way to start the day! It is often a dull, pea-greenish color, due to the mixing of all those amazing hues! But we drink ours in a large colorful glass, so we never notice anything but the great taste. Thanks for pushing us along the smoothie road….


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