Bring more silliness into your life…

What if we all took time out of each day to be silly? How would that affect the way we interacted with others? Would it bring more joy to our conversations? Would others find you more lighthearted? I have been thinking about how hard most of us work, and how little we play. What if in 2013 we all focused on being sillier?

I am going to try it. I feel I have almost perfected my silliness with Chris. I can tickle like the best of them, and I do all that I can to try and make him laugh. Much of the time I do that by being silly. Dancing, tickling, saying odd things, and last but not least being downright silly! If I get a laugh, then I have succeeded. (Of course, I love to succeed and win!)

I often think of silliness as a similar action as playfulness. I ebb and flow with my playfulness abilities. It depends on my circumstances. If I am surrounded by little children I get down on their level, whether squatting down to talk to them at their eye level, or to get down and sit and play with them. That is when I am most playful and silly (oh yes, and when I am silly around Chris). Yet, there are so many times when I could be more silly. Times when I could relax more, or not care about an outcome of a situation. My silliness that is buried like the moth balls in a closet, needs to be pulled out of hibernation and aired out.

Sometimes it gets aired out when I am in a grumpy mood, and something or someone spurs the silliness in me and my playful side comes out and my grumpy-self releases to a joy-filled, positive state. Silliness = positive mood. When we are silly we forget all the other crap happening around us. We let go of our frustrations and are present. Silliness = being in the now.

So as we get older, why is it seemingly so hard to be silly? Maybe that is not the right question to ask. What if the question had more to do with how do we stay more present in our lives, and live more in the now? The answer could very well be, bring more silliness into your life. What do you think? Does silliness come easily to you?

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