Thanks Again!

It is about 11:30 p.m. this past Monday night and my husband and I are the only ones on the airport shuttle taking us to the long term parking lot. I am wiped out. We had a wonderful weekend with amazing friends and just need to pick up our car, drive home, and slide into bed. I am leaning up against my husband with my head back and I look up to see those signs they have on shuttle buses. I rarely look at them, but the one I read caught my eye. The “thanks again!” part of the sign made me curious. It said something about receiving points on airlines for purchases made at the airport, so I made a note to look into it further.

While my husband is not George Clooney (sorry babe), he has tendencies to Ryan, George’s character, in Up in the Air. No, not the ones where you sleep with married women, just the ones that make you a bit addicted to track the miles you gain from flights, hotels, rental cars, etc. (It has also rubbed off on me). He travels for work, and we track it all, and because of his miles we have been able to take some free trips that would have had expensive airfare had we not been diligent about tracking our airline miles.

To think that we could obtain airline miles while our car sits at the airport when we are gone for a day or a week at a time, well it is sort of a no brainer. I am not sure how long the company has been around, but thanks again is a company you should check out. The sign in our shuttle bus gave a Portland specific link, but after a bit of research I learned that it is not a Portland only program. Which is great because it means we can receive miles at other airports we travel to and from. The site is not the easiest to navigate. It took me a bit of time to find the information I wanted, but they did immediately prompt me with an offer to answer my questions via online chat. There is no complete list of all participating airports, instead you have to search by the airport code. When you do a search by airport code you receive search results for all the companies (parking, food, shopping) at that airport that participate in the program. I think it would be helpful for the site to have a link to a list of participating airports, and then if you want to search and see the list of companies you could then do so. Just my two cents. Be sure to read the FAQ link on their site.

stuck in Detroit: view from Westin hotel inside airport

We all travel, we all fly, we all park our cars, dine before flying, purchase a snack, coffee, earbuds, a travel pillow, etc. We might as well also accrue miles for the purchases we make before we fly the friendly skies.

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