Life List

So each year, or sometimes a few times a year (depending on the year) my husband and I brainstorm our ‘Life List’. It is sort of our “whatdoiwantoutoflife” and a “wherearewegoing” brainstorming session. It started from a magazine article I found just after we were first married.

With a bit of research I was able to find the February 2004 article in INC magazine online. This list is geared more to couples with businesses, but we adapted the questions into ones that made sense for us.

Our Life List is not meant to be a New Year’s resolution list, but rather a focus on goals, the direction or road we want to move towards, and the values we want in our lives. So for example, you might put on this list: “I want to have work/life balance and put family first.” Or, “Put career first, and focus on relationship with boss” or “Strengthen connection with co-workers.” If that is what you select, then that would be what you would collectively focus on. So if your spouse wanted to work on his career, and you did not want to focus on yours, then your role would be to support him in that, or vice versa.

This is definitely something a person can do on their own, but we decided it was something we would do together as a couple. A choice we made to focus on with each other, and strengthen our marriage.

I highly recommend it.

me and hubby

One thought on “Life List

  1. I love this picture! And on your life list, be sure to include….”keep rejoicing and appreciating our happy marriage”!!! I know you do. Both of you. That’s what Randy and I do, and it’s lasted a looooooong time. A friendship, a romance, and a partnership called marriage. What could be better.


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