Weekend Recap // National Library Week

What a wonderful weekend! Chris’ parents were here for the weekend and we packed in lots of walking, talking, and of course eating. After taking them to the airport, Sunday afternoon was a nap, movie for Chris, and a nice long run for me. Gratefully we had sun this weekend, and it seemed that all Portlanders were outside, many in a t-shirt and shorts which made me cold, the sun was out but it was not super warm. Yet.

So this week is National Library Week (April 8 – April 14). I can remember going to the library when I was little. I do not know how old I was when I started checking out books, but I can remember going in the summer and telling them which books I read, and getting to put stickers on the wall for the summer reading club. I was also involved in the “Book It” program with Pizza Hut. I cannot remember if this was with my school or my local library, but I just looked it up and it is still active. I remember meeting certain reading goals, and then getting a coupon to go to Pizza Hut for a free personal pizza. As a kid I did not get to go for pizza often, so I thought it was the coolest thing to read books and get free pizza!

I now go to my local library weekly, almost as often as I frequent the grocery store. I am either returning books or picking up new ones. At the moment I have 20 books sitting on the shelf to be read. Since you can place books on hold electronically, I am at the mercy of when it is my turn for a specific book. This is my system: My library allows books to be checked out for 3 weeks. For a book where there are a lot of holds, and I know I will not be able to renew it after 3 weeks, I move that to the top of my list to read. For older books where there are not any holds and many copies available, I know I will be able to renew it so it goes lower down in my stack. I am so grateful for our local libraries, I have saved a ton of $$ not purchasing books and I have just finished my 39th book for 2012.

You can find more details about National Library Week events in your area at this link.

Since I am on the topics of libraries and books, I have an odd thing to share. This was in the book I was reading this weekend. It says: “I’ve been gone a lot from library (smiley face) doctors appts.” Was it planted there for the next reader? For the library? Who knows, but very random! It sounds like something I would write when I wake up in the middle of the night and make notes on the pad of paper by my bed. I have been known to write some random things in the middle of the night!

post-it in random book

I need to go decide which book I am going to read next!

4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap // National Library Week

  1. I love your lifelong commitment to reading (& libraries!), to searching out new ideas, and of course, your willingness to share what you find. Now I’m inspired to open a new book…from the library.


  2. Wow… “Book-it”. When I read that, I could taste the greasy, single-serving, deep dish pizza at the Boise, ID Pizza Hut. I remembered the sweet ‘Back to the Future II’ sunglasses – in bitchin’ neon colors and crazy geometric shapes of the 90’s – you could get with their version of the Happy Meal. That, and the free “collector’s cup” in all it’s reusable plastic glory. Do I still have mine? Is it “collected” in a keepsake box or actually used for scotch now? Nope 🙂

    Thanks for the fun writing!


    • Ah, yes I remember the plastic collector’s cup. I have not had one of those personal pizzas, but the nostalgia of that greasy iron pan and those four tiny slices sounds very delicious right now. I can even picture the brown dots on the cooked cheese, downed with a soda and free refills. Oh, what was so important back then!


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