Lip Dubbed Proposal – Must See Video!

Hope you had a relaxing holiday weekend! We had a good weekend of great food, people, and conversation. I decided to take yesterday off from blogging, my mind just needed a bit of a break!

I wanted to share an inspiring video with you that I think has been all over the Internet this past weekend. It is of a Portland couple and their Lip Dubbed Wedding Proposal. It is one of the most clever proposals I have ever seen. This is the background story connected to the video.

Hope you enjoyed it! It is another reason I love Portlanders. They are definitely a clever and creative bunch. It makes me think of all the ideas that could be out there that have not been discovered or shared.

Enjoy your Tuesday!

5 thoughts on “Lip Dubbed Proposal – Must See Video!

  1. Thanks for saving me from missing this! What a fun new idea — no telling what will come next to try to top it! And you definitely deserve a blogging break now and then.


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