Record Number of Women on the US Olympic Team

I have been looking forward to the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics that happen in London tonight. I rarely ever watch any TV live, with the exception of the Super Bowl and the Opening Ceremony for the Olympics. It will be interesting to see what London has up their sleeves to wow us this year. I can still remember the opening ceremonies in Beijing. Incredible visuals that are still in my memory.

What I am really excited about is that the women are BRINGING it this year! For the first time ever, there are more women than men on the US Olympic team. There are 269 women and 261 men. You can learn more by reading this article by Marlo Thomas in the Huffington Post. Marlo is right, it is amazing that on the year of the 40th Anniversary for Title IX, that more women than men are on the Olympic team. Pretty cool.

Here is an excerpt with details that must be shared (in case you decide not to read Marlo’s article):

“With the introduction of women’s boxing this year, there is no Olympic event left that is exclusively for men. And with Saudi Arabia sending two women to the London Games, for the first time in history, all participating nations will have female Olympians competing.”

I love what Marlo says:

“But who will be the breakout stars of the gymnastics and soccer teams? Who will amaze and inspire us this time? Who will come to symbolize the very essence of their sport — and in doing so, inspire millions of girls around the world to go for their dreams?”

I hope the Olympics do just that for girls all over the world. If the Games inspire courage, wonder, inspiration, and the knowledge that girls can do anything they put their minds to, then the Games are a success. I, myself, am looking forward to watching Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh in Women’s Volleyball, as well as some swimming, gymnastics, and track. I also look forward to watching Usain Bolt run. I will be setting my DVR for these events so that I can enjoy what is left of this Portland summer and sun, and watch what I can when the sun goes down each day.

What are your favorite Olympic events?

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