Misty, Usain, Missy, And a Bit Of Spice

The Olympics are over and I am sad. Although I am grateful that I will be getting back to my normal sleep routine. I did not sleep as much these past few weeks because we kept staying up to watch more of the Olympics.

I wanted to share my favorite observances of the Olympics, in no particular order. Misty May Treanor is hilarious when she wins. She gets her face into the camera and spouts off random words of gratitude to people in her life. What I love most is that she always shares gratitude for the military and troops. She rocked the Olympics again and finished her career in golden style.

I also really enjoyed Missy Franklin and her natural and real happiness. Only 17 years old. She is my hero of this Olympics. For her real joy, excitement, and humility. Did you see the music video with her and the other USA Swimming teammates? If not, you can see it here:

Usain Bolt. I am in awe of his killer running abilities. I was, however, appalled at his attitude and overly exuberant confidence that he is a legend. When you watched many of the other runners you saw humility. Those that won medals, or broke records, and some that finished were grateful to be at the Olympics. Not Usain. He even said in an interview about Carl Lewis: “Everybody’s forgotten about him.” You can read more in this USA Today article. You have lost my respect Usain. You may be a runner that has broken many world records, but you need to work on humility. It goes a long way.

The Spice Girls performing in the Closing Ceremonies. I had to laugh, and do some online searching to remember their “Spice Girl” names, and the songs they sang back in the nineties. Other than the song “Wannabe” no other songs rang a bell for me. Now I cannot get the “If you wanna be my lover” lyrics out of my head. (That and “Call Me Maybe” from the Missy Franklin video.) By the way, what did you think of the bikers with the strange shaped helmets during the Pet Shop Boys singing “West End Boys?” I will miss watching Track & Field, Beach Volleyball, Gymnastics, and Swimming. Now back to more sleep this week.

What were your favorite Olympic moments?

Giggles In Heaven

On Monday I wrote about the book: “It Sucked and Then I Cried: How I Had a Baby, a Breakdown, and a Much Needed Margarita” by Heather Armstrong in this blog post. The blog I wrote was more on the funny and painful aspects to motherhood. Today I wanted to share the awww moments of motherhood. The parts that make you cling to your spouse with gratitude for this little life you brought into the world.

“The best part of my day was when Jon carried Leta back to the changing table after her bath, and she’d lay there wrapped in the towel, her hand shoved as far as she could get it into the back of her mouth. He’d lean down and pretend to eat her neck, causing her to laugh. And she laughed for him like she laughed for no one else, a full-body laugh that shook her belly and caused her to let go of her hand for a second. Her giggles would fill the house and echo through the baby monitor into the living room and out to the street. I imagined that those echoing giggles were what the background music in heaven sounded like.” Page 159

Aww. Giggles in heaven. I love the laughter and absolute uncontrollable giggle of a baby or toddler. You can continue to repeat what you are doing over and over again to have that same gut laughter continue. It. Is. The. Best. Thing. Ever. And then Heather talks about the love for her spouse, Jon:

“In him I’d found the person whom I knew I would never get tired of, even in the most monotonous of times, even in the routine of being together every single day. I never thought I would find that.” Page 237

This is how I feel about Chris. Even if he is on the iPad dreaming about our future, and I am pounding out my next blog post on my laptop, while watching Michael Phelps swim the last Olympic event of his career, we are hanging out together. We look up and smile at each other and go back to our respective activities, my legs sprawled out on top of him. Aww the life. Can you tell how addicted I am to my husband? We live our life with giggles and laughter and maybe one day we will share those gut deep giggles with a little one. (Can you tell I am thinking very seriously about it!)

Again, I say, read Heather’s book. It is worth it. Okay I am done touting her book. You will not hear another peep about it.

Record Number of Women on the US Olympic Team

I have been looking forward to the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics that happen in London tonight. I rarely ever watch any TV live, with the exception of the Super Bowl and the Opening Ceremony for the Olympics. It will be interesting to see what London has up their sleeves to wow us this year. I can still remember the opening ceremonies in Beijing. Incredible visuals that are still in my memory.

What I am really excited about is that the women are BRINGING it this year! For the first time ever, there are more women than men on the US Olympic team. There are 269 women and 261 men. You can learn more by reading this article by Marlo Thomas in the Huffington Post. Marlo is right, it is amazing that on the year of the 40th Anniversary for Title IX, that more women than men are on the Olympic team. Pretty cool.

Here is an excerpt with details that must be shared (in case you decide not to read Marlo’s article):

“With the introduction of women’s boxing this year, there is no Olympic event left that is exclusively for men. And with Saudi Arabia sending two women to the London Games, for the first time in history, all participating nations will have female Olympians competing.”

I love what Marlo says:

“But who will be the breakout stars of the gymnastics and soccer teams? Who will amaze and inspire us this time? Who will come to symbolize the very essence of their sport — and in doing so, inspire millions of girls around the world to go for their dreams?”

I hope the Olympics do just that for girls all over the world. If the Games inspire courage, wonder, inspiration, and the knowledge that girls can do anything they put their minds to, then the Games are a success. I, myself, am looking forward to watching Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh in Women’s Volleyball, as well as some swimming, gymnastics, and track. I also look forward to watching Usain Bolt run. I will be setting my DVR for these events so that I can enjoy what is left of this Portland summer and sun, and watch what I can when the sun goes down each day.

What are your favorite Olympic events?

40th Anniversary of Women allowed to run the Boston Marathon

I subscribe to Runner’s World, and I find some of the articles interesting, some helpful, and some I just skim. I recently read an article on running “Heros.” The one that intrigued me the most was Kathrine Switzer. As a newer runner and a woman, I should probably already know about Kathrine Switzer, however, I had not heard of her. So I wanted to share her story with you. It is Woman’s History month, and Kathrine has definitely made history for all women.

In 1967, “Switzer became the first woman to officially enter and run the Boston Marathon. She registered using her then-standard signature, K.V. Switzer. But near mile two, race official Jock Semple–irate that a woman was in his race–grabbed her and tried to yank off her number. Images of the scuffle helped launched Switzer as a potent symbol for equality. She went on to promote women’s running and equality in sports; it became her life’s work. She created a running series that held events in 27 countries for over a million women and fought for the inclusion of the women’s marathon in the Olympic Games.” Runners World, January 2012 issue. Full excerpt here.

In 1972, women were finally allowed to run in the Boston Marathon, thus this year marks the 40th Anniversary. The first Olympic Women’s Marathon, however, did not occur until the Olympics were in Los Angeles in 1984. How is it possible that it took until 1984 for women to be able to run an Olympic marathon?

In October 2011, Kathrine was inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame in Syracuse, New York. You can learn more about Kathrine Switzer on her website here. If you scroll down on her homepage, you will see she is traveling all over the place this year for different races and speaking engagements. In 2013, a PBS documentary will be released called, “Makers: Women Who Make America.” Kathrine will be interviewed in this documentary. You can watch a short preview here. You can also view the list of AMAZING women that will be interviewed in this documentary here.

I cannot wait for this documentary to be released next year. In addition to Kathrine, the other women in this documentary are courageous, funny, fierce, sassy, and inspirational!