Have You Seen: “The Parent Rap”?

I found this video from a Facebook friend last week. It is called: “The Parent Rap.” As you may be noticing, I am finding more and more parent things that interest me. I thought this was a clever rap from a family with four kids (no, do not worry Chris, I do not want that many). In any case, take a minute to enjoy!

Did you have a few laughs? I did. Hopefully all the parents out there had a few more, and that it resonated with your daily life. Although maybe they should have added in a section about “sleep.”

The Parent Rap vaguely reminds me of the “Swagger Wagon” video from a few years ago for the Toyota Sienna mini van. If you have not seen it before, take a moment to watch it now:

That is all for today folks.

Happy Friday!

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