Girls Speaking Out = Change

Speaking your mind and putting yourself out there can make a difference. It can make a change in the world. I am all for it. is a website that allows individuals to start petitions. Three sixteen year old girls learned in their civics class that it had been 20 years since the last female moderated the presidential debate. They proceeded to start a petition to push for a female to moderate the debate this election and received over 180,000 signatures. This article from New York Daily News shares more details and also states:

“The commission did not immediately respond to requests for further information. But an official downplayed the teens’ role in the selection of moderators, noting the process has been in the works for nearly two years.”

Regardless of whether that is true or not, I am in awe of the perseverance and passion of these three teenagers to speak their minds and put their beliefs into action. A woman will be moderating one of three of this year’s presidential debates. Candy Crowley will be moderating one presidential debate, and Martha Raddatz the Vice Presidential debate.

I love the quote from one of the teenagers in this Christian Science Monitor article:

“It’s really important for young women and boys to see women as role models, in position of power,” Tsemberis says. “It’s about getting women to be visible in society, and not being discouraged because they’re being judged by what they look like.”

I agree. 2012 continues to be the year of the woman!

You go girls!

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