“Year of the Girl”

Randomly the other day I was reading a publication for a time share company. An ad in this publication was for Girl Scouts. Having been a Girl Scout myself, I was interested. Upon further reading I realized that the ad was actually for: “Year of the Girl.” Girl Scouts are celebrating 100 years and they have dedicated 2012 as the Year of the Girl. What a cool idea. This year has been such a full year for women, it always reminds me that rights for women have come so far, but that we still have so much more to do for women’s rights!

This link on the Girl Scouts website, discusses the many thing that girls are doing in their community. Strong leaders, saving the earth, and many other success stories. I wanted to share a few nuggets of information from their website:

  • Only one in five girls believes she has what it takes to lead.
  • Fifty-nine percent of girls say the fashion industry makes them feel fat.
  • Eighty-five percent of middle-school students say they’ve been cyberbullied at least once.
  • Although more than 90 percent of girls in fourth grade want to continue studying math, by twelfth grade that number drops to 50 percent.

While I do not remember if my years as a Girl Scout taught me about leadership, I do remember many of the campouts, activities, merit badges, and friendships. Due to all that I learned, I am hopeful and confident that what the Girl Scouts organization is doing for girls today will help them to feel confident about themselves and create leaders for the future.

Go 2012! Go Year of the Girl!

3 thoughts on ““Year of the Girl”

  1. What a fantastic theme to get behind! I believe that so many kids are influenced by a role model or parent to look up to. If you can reach out to a child try that today (and it doesn’t have to be a girl šŸ˜‰


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