Mmm…Girl Scout Cookies

You are in for a treat! Well, that or a good laugh. It is Girl Scout Cookie time! Yes, I was a Girl Scout. I went on the camping trips, did the work for badges and patches, rotated bringing the ‘treat’ to meetings, and sold Girl Scout cookies. I think my favorite part of all was selling cookies. Our troop was quite the adventurous bunch. After doing our regular door to door sales in our neighborhoods, many of us ordered cases and cases of extra boxes and we took them to local University dorms, fraternities, and grocery stores. This was successful because folks would purchase more when we had actual boxes in hand. One year I think I sold close to 3,000 boxes. The more you sold the better prizes you won (a trip to Kings Island, a 10-speed bicycle were two that I remember). I wonder if that would be the equivalent to a Wii or iPad today? I think when I started selling cookies they were $2.00 a box, now I think they are up to $4.00. Does that make me ancient?

Due to my many years of selling Girl Scout cookies, I can never resist buying a few boxes each year. The nostalgia I have of their taste is not the same, but I still cannot resist. I learned a lot about working an angle, selling, counting money, finances, sales goals, etc from my many, many years (was it 8 years, I cannot remember) of selling cookies. My one and only pain point for girls selling cookies today, is that each year I feel like the parents are doing the selling, taking the money, making the change. If I could give any piece of advice to troop leaders and parents, it would be to stop doing it for them. Let the girls do these tasks. I learned a lot and it made me that much savvier, smarter, and more knowledgeable about business transactions.

So now are you ready for your treat? The below video is me, age 9, on the local news channel. (It was a small town, so the news channel was small and very local). Be sure to watch to the end, and check out the old school computer and phone in the background.

Done laughing yet? I am off to my local Safeway to see if they have any Thin Mints, Tagalongs, and Samoas.

7 thoughts on “Mmm…Girl Scout Cookies

  1. After all the years of hearing about your “3 minutes of fame”, I finally get to see it!! Precious! And look at you now!!!!


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