I Am A Sucker For…

…kid videos. I am still catching up on our episodes of Ellen Degeneres. Ellen often shows videos of kids and I have a few I want to re-share as they made me laugh, smile, and laugh again. The first one is of a little boy that she found on YouTube that would get upset because he couldn’t sing the “explicit” Nicki Minaj song. Ellen showed that video on her show a few weeks ago and asked for the parents of the boy to contact her as she wanted him on the show. The video below is when he is on her show, and shows his original video, and then his interview and he sings live for her. Too cute!

This video is of a kid who will not eat unless the newly popular “Gangnam” song is playing. When his father stops the video, the kid will not eat.

Like I said, I am a sucker for kid videos. Enjoy!

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