Do You Put Yourself Out There?

I often think about why it took me so long to write a blog. Looking back I felt what I had to say was boring and that folks would think that whatever I would have to say was BORING. In the end, I finally took the plunge and put myself out into the blogosphere. Yes, many might find me boring, but I have also been happily surprised with the response from folks and their interest in my blog. It is a gradual evolution.

As I think more and more about it, I think many individuals have felt in similar ways. There are those on Facebook who tell you about every moment of their day, including how many times they went to the bathroom (you know the ones)! Others are what might be called cyber stalkers. We all have a bit of cyber stalking inside of us. Whether we are looking at photos of individuals we went to school with, old friends, or those you wonder what happened to after so many years.

Whether you over share, or barely exist online, we all to some extent can be hesitant to share about our daily life online. It might have to do with feeling concerned about the security of our life online. Or, it might be that we are not sure we want to put ourselves out there, especially if there is no response from those in our social networks. It is a question I have been wrestling with, for myself and the greater online community. What makes us share? What makes us hold back?

Do you put yourself out there?

2 thoughts on “Do You Put Yourself Out There?

  1. For me, it began six yrs ago after failed back surgery. It was winter I was alone heating my house with a woodstove. I would be up all hours of the night Needed outside companionship. I found it thru yahoo 360 then Multiply. Multiply is now closing it’s blogging section so we are all trying out different blogs


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