Do you have Teeter Totter days?

Some days I feel like I am on both sides of a teeter totter. (I am chuckling to myself because when I typed that the first time I wrote teeter tooter.) Do you ever have those days? One second you are incredibly positive and grateful. The sun is out and the air is clear. You are happy. Then moments later all hell breaks loose and you are grumpy and frustrated. It is pouring down rain and cold. You feel dumpy.

Ever happen to you? It is not the norm for me. Just sometimes a random day when like a flip of a light switch things change in a moment and everything is turned upside down. Which is worse on a teeter totter: getting stuck on the bottom, or getting stuck up in the air? For some reason, I remember as a kid not liking getting stuck in the air. It meant the person sitting on the ground had all the control. If they stayed down, it meant you were stuck up in the air. Sometimes that was fun, but other times it sucked. Is that what it is like when you have a teeter totter day? When you get the bad news that knocks the wind out of you, it feels like being stuck in the air? When you feel that you are oh so close to that next thing, and then it is snatched away from you so fast you do not even see it happen?

How do you get out of the air? Usually the individual on the ground either has to let up on their heavy hold and let you have a turn down on earth, or you have to change partners. Which makes me think that on those tetter totter days I either have to let go of the heavy hold I have on what I want, or I have to change gears. Look at the situation in a different way. Find the good in each moment. Even in that moment where what I wanted flew by before I could even tell.

What do you do in your teeter totter moments?

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