A happy wife…

I know I rave about Chris all the time, but I had to share this beautiful present. First, our 1/2 anniversary falls on Christmas day. In the past few years, we have made the choice not to give each other gifts. Last year we were traveling for Christmas and due to the high cost of the trip, we decided to pass on gifts. This year, due to purchasing a home, we decided again to put aside giving gifts. However, he always has something up his sleeve.

In November, we were at a design show and we found and fell in love with this print. I was with my good friend that was visiting that weekend, and after seeing that print she said: “Guess what you are getting for Christmas?” Well she was right. Just not for Christmas. A few days before Christmas I had come inside from my run, and sitting on my desk was the below print, framed. I went to find Chris. Happily excited, I asked how he pulled this off. He said: “I have my ways. Happy 1/2 Anniversary.”

Chris and I are horribly picky about art. We have learned over time that if we both fall in love with a piece we have to do something about it right away. We have experienced first hand when we fell in love with a piece, and waited. Only to find out that it had been purchased before we made our decision.

I encourage you to explore more of Audrey’s work. The image below does not even begin to show you the detail of this piece. Thank you, Chris.

the Pine

the Pine

A happy wife.

4 thoughts on “A happy wife…

  1. So glad you have an art-appreciating (and generous) spouse! Thanks for intro to Audrey’s work — what genius lurks behind her playful and inventive drawings!


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