random x 400

400 posts. I can hardly believe it. When I started this blog back in January 2012 I had no idea I would last this long. Looking back I cannot believe that I have randomly blabbed on about 400 different topics. Okay so maybe some of them are similar. My family, childhood, money, my favorite husband, funny videos, women’s issues, the occasional political post. That is why I still love the name of this blog. My posts are random. I write about whatever inspires, infuriates, makes me laugh. The randomest of things come out of my finger tips.

I often only have a glimmer of an idea when I sit down with my laptop and let my thoughts flow. There are times when a blog idea formulates in my thought and I sit down and start typing, never knowing how it will finish, or how long it will take. Sometimes it all comes out fast and furious in a matter of minutes and other blogs never feel exactly right. Sometimes I will write a post and it remains in draft form for weeks or months and some I eventually delete because they never feel right or salvageable.

I hope that in the process of my diatribes and babbles I have inspired, made you think, and made you laugh. There are days when I wonder why I still blog, when I wonder if it matters that I write any more. It is usually on those days when I doubt myself, my writing, and my random topics that I get an email or a comment from someone who says my blog that very day touched their heart, or was just the idea they needed that day. So you, my friends, are the reason I continue to blog. I do not write for anyone specific. I write because it comes out of me so passionately. I write because I do not know how I could keep it all in. This blog is therapy for me. It is a connection to so many individuals I have corresponded with and inspiration for what other ideas will continue to pour out of my fingertips and onto this MacBook Air.

Thank you to everyone who has read and continues to read this blog. You are appreciated and are an inspiration to me. I only hope I continue to inspire through random olio.

4 thoughts on “random x 400

  1. You had me at MacBook Air 😉 Still on my wish list 🙂

    I am right there with you. So many times, I try to force writing about a topic that never seems to work. The real beauty comes out when it just flows whether it’s some profound discovery about the meaning of the universe or the gaseous expulsions of individuals on an airplane (I personally loved that one :-)).

    In the end, I think we write for ourselves. As you so aptly stated, it’s a channel for pouring our passionate thoughts out onto the page so that we can share it with the world and clear some room for new insights. There is nothing more gratifying than sharing our thoughts/feelings and knowing that they have helped another individual (even if only one) to laugh, think, or be inspired on a given day.

    I’m looking forward to 400+ more random thoughts with my morning coffee. Thank you. Really. Thank you.


    • Thank you, Dave. I have really been enjoying your blog as well. The Internet has truly given us a new voice, or a new outlet to share in ways we might not have done before. So much appreciation to you, and your writing.


  2. Bravo! Congrats! 400 — what a milestone! Yes, I greatly appreciate that you’ve inspired me, made me think, and made me laugh. Lots.
    Here’s a video that reminds me of you… being willing to pause and put down whatever you’re doing to splash in the waters of creativity. Then you share it with us. Thank you!


    • Siouxsioux, I love, love, love that video. It made my day. I will have to share. How many times have we felt like that little one, when we want to stop and play in the puddle, and the dog runs off, and we have to chase it and we give up on the puddle? I love stopping, pausing, and splashing in the waters of creativity!


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